LeBron James, Steve Kerr, Stephen Jackson speak out about George Floyd killing

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America got shocked again after this footage of 8 minutes

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer is the latest example of a shockingly disturbing reality in America … leading many to conclude it’s “open season on black people” … this according to the lawyer representing George’s family.


LeBron James spoke out Wednesday night on Instagram about George Floyd, a Minnesota man who died while in police custody after an officer kneeled on his neck.

Floyd was heard repeatedly saying he couldn’t breathe as one officer pinned him to the ground, with his knee on the back of Floyd’s neck. The 46-year-old was later pronounced dead in a hospital.

Four Minneapolis Police Department officers have subsequently been fired, and the police chief has requested the FBI investigate.

Floyd was a close friend of former NBA player Stephen Jackson. A distraught Jackson recorded an Instagram video earlier Wednesday paying tribute to the friend he called “Twin.”

And Steve Kerr famous for his statement regarding police violence added this on twitter:

Kneeling will have more sense now after what happened to George Floyd.

Rest in peace George and our prayer goes to his family.





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